This is the repository and reference website for Learning OpenCV 3 with Python, a book authored by Joe Minichino and Joe Howse, and published by Packt Publishing.

The book also has a Simplified Chinese edition, OpenCV 3计算机视觉:Python语言实现, translated by Liu Bo, Miao Beibei, and Shi Bin, and published by HZ Books / China Machine Press. This repository might also help readers of OpenCV 3计算机视觉:Python语言实现, but for Chinese-language support please contact HZ Books.


Code is divided in chapters reflecting the samples contained in the book. Feel free to report errors either by:

Github is the preferred way as it grants visibility to all issues reported.

Virtual Machine

I (Joe Minichino) created a VM for VirtualBox which allows you to skip installation steps and jump straight into action. However, I am yet to find a free storage service where to upload the 12GB file to make it freely availalble. This is currently being addressed so check to this page constantly.